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This book is about a spiritual journey. 

It's the story of a brother and sister whose lives led them in opposite directions, 
but who in later life discovered that they shared the same beliefs. 
Stemming from their very different experiences, 
they came to share the same truth about reality and the creator. 

It's a story about two tenacious people, Jim Counter and his sister, Anna Counter. Jim lived a life based on the accepted values of society: education, career, family. Anna experienced the seamier side of existence that precluded any settled lifestyle. Both did their best with the mindsets that their childhood experiences had fostered, each seeing life through the needed lessons that they came into this life to experience. Jim's industry, courage and single-mindedness despite his often heavy load brought family, career and a distinguished place in society. 

Anna, whose experiences as a child forever marked her reactions, was led to an opposite life. She finally came to the point where she had decided that suicide was her only recourse.  At that time, she was contacted by an entity called Romulus and then, rather than leaving this life, she began a new phase in her forever existence. The teachings she received led her to something she had never before experienced:  TRUTH.  


Welcome to the cyber world! This is a where we can, indeed, experience satisfaction of almost any desire we can dream up. We place can compete in sports without pain. We can kill our enemies without paying a penalty. We can have relationships without worry of rejection. We can be totally absorbed in whatever we choose without affecting others. 

Does this not sound like the cyber world we have created? 

I used to believe that the violent games our kids were playing on their laptops or hand helds were causing them to grow up to be violent to others. While this still may be a fact, I think there may be another side to it. Maybe we all have a potential for violence, which can be acted out. Is it not possible that by acting this out on the computer, we need not act it out in our physical world? 

One of the things we experience in our physical world that we do not in either the cyber world or spiritual world is physical pain. We could also say that physical pleasure may not be obtained in the cyber world. While this may be true, are not both sensations created by our thoughts? 

Can we not create any desired results strictly in our minds? 

Creating the "perfect world" is within our grasp, but we must concentrate on the word "create." We, as individual spirits, can create anything we desire. 

Yes, I said anything. 

We chose to come to this Earth School at this particular time in history so we could experience what is going on around us right now. We are learning from this experience as we are creating an example for others to learn from. Some of us may take a passive role in this Earth School and choose not to create change. Others may be very active in creating violence, or the love of peace, or any other of an infinite number of potential creations. 

We have chosen violence in this incarnation. There are wonderful spirits on the other side of the veil, just as we are. They chose their role in this Earth School to teach. Do we not learn lessons from war and violence, even if we despise it? 

In order to create the "perfect world," we must understand what is imperfect. And we must also understand that perfection may be different for different people. Is your perfect world the same as mine? Do you begin to see the extreme difficulty in coming up with this perfect world? 

As we evolve on a spiritual level, we enjoy each of these steps of the evolutionary process. To evolve, we must see all of the aspects of our physical world just to have this experience. Would a school that taught only the very positive aspects of this physical life prepare us for the real 

In between lives, we chose this particular time in history to reincarnate so we could experience all that surrounds us right now. Are we learning what we came here to learn? I hope so. Each of us can learn from our experiences in this Earth School. 

If we want perfection, we must return to our spiritual home. If we had perfection in this Earth School, there would be no reason to incarnate to it. 

We can create the perfect world, and maybe we will, but not in this lesson. 


​I have always had a thirst to know more and to understand everything that caught my interest. Early on, I started asking questions. Is there really a God? If so, what does He look like? Will I go to Hell if I lie? If there is a God, how come He seems to love some people more than others? As I grew older and my knowledge increased, I progressed to more involved questions and more powerful fears. Has there ever been a time when we have known for certain who and what we really are? What makes us tick? What makes up our reality? Are we just accidents, and do our lives hold no more meaning than bacteria growing on the surface of a planet? Did we invent a God and a Heaven in order to feel that we are not alone in the vastness of space and to assure ourselves that there is a caring creator if we obey the rules? Do we need a God image to design for us an acceptable form of right and wrong? Did we invent the Devil as a foil to this God to teach us that if we did right, we would go to a wonderful place called Heaven, and that if we did wrong, according to accepted beliefs, there would be horrible punishment in an opposite place called Hell? What is our individual conception of how and why we're here? 

So many questions—and I am still asking them. I look back and try to decide if I have ever found any real answers, and you know, I can't say that I have. Whenever I congratulated myself on a seeming step forward, I would look closer, and what I saw turned out to be not an answer but only another road leading me further onward in my journey toward truth. Our perceptions are always formed by our life experiences, and our beliefs of the moment are always formed by our perceptions, so it is no wonder that as I explored my mind for the meaning of truth, current beliefs changed often and, at times, radically. And as my perceptions changed, my beliefs followed suit. I think of my journey as finding my way through the maze of my present life while being constantly led further into a reality that is being made known piece by small piece—a reality that changes as each piece finds its place in this puzzle that is mortality.

There are times in people's lives when they ask themselves, "Is this all there is?" Well, there have been many such times in my life, and it seems that each time I asked myself that question, the very fact that I did ask led me to another breakthrough in my continuing search for truth. Each time I examined my beliefs about what reality actually meant to me, I found they had expanded. The itch was always there—the need to know more, the need to examine each new concept and place it in context to form an expanded version of "TRUTH." I find that no matter how much I search and study and open my mind to new thoughts and ideas, I am never satisfied. After so many years of mining each new concept for truth, it seems that I have barely scratched the surface. Yet these pages will attempt to document a life spent making the right—and sometimes wrong— decisions that finally led me to the personal truths that, for now, shape my beliefs. 

The chance of finding the "incredible," the "astounding," the "miraculous," the "truth" is what has kept me probing reality trying to solve this mystery we call life. 

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